Leather workers in Guatemala

The activity with leather in Guatemala began in the pre-columbian era when indigenous people processed the material for the elaboration of products for physical protection and shoes.

With the arrival of the spaniards in 1524, the production of leather shoes, saddles, book covers and clothes, grew. With the Spanish artisans the leather tanners arrived and the chain of production was completed.

During the years between 1950 and 1980 this activity became industrialized. Some small family workshops transformed into formal companies and began using industrial machinery while continuing to employ artisanal designs.

From 1980 to 1995 a high production of shoes and tanned leather was produced at an industrial level.

Guatemalan shoe makers. Read article clicking through to Prensa Libre’s page.
Foto credits: https://www.prensalibre.com/economia/se-venden-q60-millones-en-calzado-para-cuarto-trimestre/

To this day, many small workshops operate within zone 1 of the capital city, Antigua Guatemala and Quetzaltenango, using only basic machinery for the production of high-quality leather goods with artisanal workmanship. Peletería Oséida in Pastores, Sacatepéquez is one example of such a place.


In San Juan La Laguan, Nicolás Pop keeps the maya leather traditions alive.

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