The Chortí People (II)

Yesterday we walked through the town of Jocotán.We found the long-standing hotel where the story of my previous blog ( ) took place and THIS was the mirror my mom was talking about! It does emphasize my point even further.


The “confusing” mirror at the end of the hall.

I leave  you with some more pictures of our walk yesterday through Jocotán main street. It was told me by a vendor that on Sundays this street is so full of people it is almost impossible to walk through it due to the fact that everyone comes down from the villages on Sunday to sell baskets, corn and whatever else they have to offer.

Lady in typical dress with baby, meeting her husband.


Lady in typical dress with baby, meeting her husband.


Lady with typical dress walking down the main street.


2 different typical dresses, 1 picture


Bowls made out of “morros”, a hard, inedible fruit (Crescentia alata) very common in the area.


Mainstreet. Samantha and I.


Young girl with typical dress


Basket store off of the main street.


My husband and four children strolling through Jocotan’s central park.




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